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Unfortunately the site has come to an end. I will keep this message up for a few days and then I will be removing the site.


December 26, 2015: Aww, almost made it 5 years without needing to update this!  We have changed out over half the current content and added 200 more drama on top of that.  Merry Christmas, All!

April 6, 2012: Station back up, most programming except a bulk of Gunsmoke returned.

Jan 6th, 2012: Happy new Year! I hope you're all enjoying the new format. Don't be afraid to come see us on Facebook!

October 29, 2011: Listen Now links are now platform independent. The fast-play issue is being worked on and should be resolved within the next few days.

June 3rd, 2011: James Arness, whom played Marshall Dillon on the TV version of Gunsmoke, passed on today. In his memory and honor, Town Park Radio is about to play at least 48 hours of Gunsmoke. The News and Pulse of the Planet will still play, but of respect there will be no commercials.


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